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Jane's Design

Item Code: JANEBMF
Price:  $235.00 – $435.00

Jane's Design

Item Code: JANEBMF
Price:  $235.00 – $435.00
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While Jane ( me ) has designed all the flower arrangements you see on this website,  I often get asked for really large, super impressive, bigger arrangements than what's available to purchase on the I have decided to add this on. The pictures are all arrangements that are $235.00 plus delivery **delivery fee added at checkout ** Click here to see delivery prices


If you are happy to leave it in my capable, very experienced hands, please choose this, I'm even going to give you options to spend more if you really want to go all out. I will create you a masterpiece - that comes from my heart. 

Please note pictures are of one of a kind arrangements and each one will vary, if you would like something specific in yours please give me a call 0422514212 

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